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We provide useful information about all the aeronautical professions, be it as a commercial pilot, an air traffic controller, an aircraft technician or any other aviation-related job. We can give you contacts and link you to professionals working in your area of interest, or we can simply give you any help you need for the first step in your aviation career. Besides this, we also organise aeronautical races, regular social events for our members and try to constantly promote our passion to the wider public. 

About Young Pilots Luxembourg

We are a group of young aviators flying around Luxembourg and Europe, mainly for fun, but also for some of us to achieve the ultimate goal: getting into the cockpit of a modern airliner as a commercial pilot. 

But what are our aims? H
ow can you join us and why should you? 

Young Pilots Luxembourg groups together all the youngsters, whether they are in possession of a license or not, who are fascinated by aviation. This doesn't mean you have to be a pilot to join YPL, you can be an enthusiast, maybe someone who wants to become a pilot, a mechanic, an air traffic controller, or any other job related to aviation.

Join us to become part of the new and upcoming generation of private and commercial pilots within the Luxembourgish aviation community. 


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