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Gliding in Luxembourg

The Cercle Luxembourgeois de Vol à Voile was founded in 1958 in Basse-Yutz near Thionville. After a long search for an appropriated field, it finally settled down in Useldange in 1974. Up to date, it’s the only Luxembourgish club offering gliding activities as an organized flying sport. About 35 active members enjoy the passion of gliding. The CLVV offers a modern fleet of 3 high-performance  single-seated gliders, 2 double-seated school gliders and one double-seated motorglider. Today the club is recognized as an Approved Trainig Organisation (ATO) and CLVV-members are well-known for their good performances at international competitions.


Become a Gliderpilot!

If you’re interested in doing this sport yourself, just visit CLVV's website and contact them! You’ll meet one of 10 certified flight instructors. You will have the possibility to perform 4 flights, including one flight on a motorglider. You are going to take the controls of the aircraft yourself and get familiarized with them. You’ll also be part of the team which means you’ll also be a member of the ground staff and help the other pilots to get their machines ready to depart.

Remember, gliding is a team-sport. At least 2 ground-crew-members are necessary to enable the flight of one pilot. The first one has to hold the aircrafts wing during the first seconds of the take-off and the second one has to operate the winch.

After your first flight experience, you’ll have to decide if you definitely want to start your flight training in order to get your Private Pilot License (PPL (C)), better known as Sailplane License (SPL). The duration of your flight training depends on your learning and the weather conditions.

Gliding activities are executed on weekends and on public holidays. The total flight training time is about 2 years. After 60-80 Take-offs, you should be fit enough to perform your first solo-flights under supervision of a flight instructor. Your next objective is now to perform a cross-country flight of 50 km on solo. After having completed that challenge, you’re ready to go for your final exam-flight!


A Class 2 Medical Certificate is required.


Requirements in order to get your license:


  • 10 hours of flight instruction with a flight

  • instructor

  • 2 hours of solo-flight

  • 45 take-offs

  • 1 solo 50km cross-country flight 

  • Pass the theoretical and practical exams

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