Flying in Luxembourg

The 3 airports:

Although Luxembourg is relatively small with only 2,586 km2, there is nonentheless plenty of space to provide flying activities such as gliding, parachuting and last but not least, general aviation flying.


Luxembourg has 3 airfields with the most known one the international airport of Luxembourg-Findel. Luxembourg Airport has grown significantly over the last years and will welcome over 3 million passengers in 2017. It has become the most significant airport in the Greater Region, with routes to all major european cities and holiday destinations, and is one of Europe's largest cargo hubs. 


Besides this commercial activity at Luxembourg Airport, general aviation has a strong and long-standing presence dating back to the early beginnings of the airports' existence. Today, a community of estimated 800 pilots, club members and supporters lives up the general aviation scene at Luxembourg Airport, making it an integral part of this unique airport. 


Combining all flying activity in Luxembourg, the total of leisure pilots and club members likely reaches 1000 participants, not including another 600 commercial pilots based at Luxembourg Airport flying for various airlines.


1. Luxembourg Findel (ELLX/LUX)

It is the only commercial airport in Luxembourg and home of Luxembourg's general aviation, flying clubs and of the Young Pilots Luxembourg asbl

If you are interested in taking the sky as a private pilot or willing the pursue a professional career

2. Useldange (ELUS)

If you ever wanted to soar to sky Useldange is the place to be. From there, the CLVV (Cercle Luxembourgeois du Vol à Voile) operates its fleet of gliders. For more information

3. Noertrange (ELNT)

Noertrange airfield is not only to practice your landing skills due to its 650m short, up slope runway. It is also the only para-dropping zone in Luxembourg. Ever wanted to jump out of an aircraft?